TLC Program

WW2 Memorial
World War II Memorial

Honor Flight Cleveland’s mission is to fly World War II veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit their memorial. Our primary focus is World War II veterans because they are our nation’s most senior heroes followed by Korean then Vietnam veterans.

TLC - "Their Last Chance" Program

Another category of veterans we are equally concerned for are ALL those who served in uniform who were recently diagnosed with a terminal illness. It is our mission to transport these veterans if they have never been able to visit the various national memorials constructed to honor the service and sacrifice of their brothers and sisters in arms.

All such veterans, regardless of the conflict they participated in (Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, etc.), who wish to visit our nation’s memorials, will be invited to do so.

This program, known as “Their Last Chance” (TLC), includes ALL veterans, even younger veterans who participated in recent conflicts, for which a national memorial does not exist. At Honor Flight Cleveland, we believe they all should have an opportunity to clearly see and appreciate how our nation honors those who were willing to lay down their lives in service to our country.

TLC Eligibility

To determine if a veteran qualifies as a TLC candidate, we apply the following criteria:

  1. Physician signed note with their diagnosis and prognosis.
  2. Current terminal diagnosis of cancer, in any organ system EXCEPT the prostate (unless extremely aggressive rare forms) with diagnosis concurred by physician.
  3. Acute Leukemia
  4. Presently undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy for a cancerous condition other than prostate cancer
  5. Any other terminal condition that, according to the veteran’s private physician, is likely to limit the veteran’s life to 12 months or less.

Again, the diagnosis and prognosis must be stated in a note signed by a physician. If the physician is not willing to state in writing that the terminal condition is “likely to limit the veteran’s life to 12 months or less”, it is extremely doubtful that the veteran qualifies for our TLC program.

Uncle Sam

We Want You!

If you are a qualifying veteran and would like to visit the monuments honoring your service to these United States, apply today. Please make mention in the application that you think you may qualify for the TLC Program.

If you have already submitted an application and have subsequently become terminally ill, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected].

It would be our honor to serve you!